Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Return of the Huxtables

Denise Huxtable.  Do any of you watch the Cosby Show? Well if you aren't familiar with it, the show is centered around the Huxtable family (mother, father, 1 son, and 4 daughters) and their daily lives as the children grow up and go through the many obstacles of life. Denise Huxtable was one of the daughters in the house and she was known for being the free spirited one that constantly wore large clothing, hats, side braids, and had a cool boho look. I didn't compare my style to hers, but while on campus I was told that I was very Denise like on this particular day.
This was the first chilly day that I experienced so I thought I would throw on my large sweater and pair it with these blue pants to have a more androgynous feel to my outfit. I have a hat obsession but unfortunately when moving this past summer, I lost my entire hat collection. So now I'm working to rebuild it starting with this black wide brim hat. Hopefully by the end of the winter I'll have a new revamped collection, but I'll be sure to show them off as I acquire them. Whats your favorite winter accessory?
Until Next Time, 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Classic Touch of Plaid

Fall oh Fall. As I said in my fall trends post that I loveee plaid, its one of the classic prints that I was speaking of. I'm getting into the feel of fall although its beginning to go back and forth between being warm, raining, or freezing cold in DC currently. Although I was looking forward to the fall, this is not exactly what I was expecting. Fall clothing is some of my favorite because of the layers that you can create with each outfit that your wearing. Your blazer can contrast your shirt which you can make work with a skirt and a cool pair of tights, the options are endless. But my love for fall has recently been cut short from the condition its putting me in. From horrible allergies to feeling like a cold is coming on, I hate the sickness that the initial beginning of fall always seems to bring me. Hopefully my body gets acclimated with the weather soon. This outfit was a pretty basic throw together. I just chose to put on this blazer that I bought at my job along with some of my favorite h&m pants, and another pair of my infamous fall and winter booties. I love my job because at the store its not only new clothing but also consignment as well so you never know what cool finds will come into the store. There are a few pieces that I've found in the store that I'm excited to show you all soon. 

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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Classic Brick Wall

Red&Black I love the color combo red and black. Its just something about it that has a plain and simple crispness that I enjoy. I have something to admit about this outfit that I'm wearing. The peplum shirt that I'm wearing, I'm actually wearing it backwards. Yes, backwards, I know, weird right? But for some reason,  I just wanted to switch it up and when I looked at the shirt, I thought hmmm from the front this is a plain cute peplum, but when you wear it backwards, it gets a chic look because of the black and the zipper. I don't think anyone really noticed that it was backwards until I chose to tell certain people. You guys want to know another reason why I'm excited for the fall, its the return of my disco pants! Anyone who knows me knows that my American Apparel Disco pants are definitely one of my favorite pairs of pants that I own, along with my easy jeans. I think that the disco pants as well as the easy jeans are super cute bottoms that you can easily throw on with various clothing articles to create cute and simple outfit and they show off your figure perfectly. This fall I may invest in more colors of both the easy jeans and disco pants, but we'll see. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the transition from shorts and tanks to blazers and printed pants. The change in the air, the colors of the leaves, and the colors of the fashion all draw me in. I've chosen to highlight some of my favorite fashion trends for this fall but there are definitely many more. There is such a versatility in the clothing that one can wear in the fall and you can create such great looks that include numerous layers of clothing. What are your favorite trends this fall?

Until Next Time, 
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