Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the transition from shorts and tanks to blazers and printed pants. The change in the air, the colors of the leaves, and the colors of the fashion all draw me in. I've chosen to highlight some of my favorite fashion trends for this fall but there are definitely many more. There is such a versatility in the clothing that one can wear in the fall and you can create such great looks that include numerous layers of clothing. What are your favorite trends this fall?

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1. Leather
Yes, Leather is Still in. We have made it through multiple seasons and leather still comes into play for this upcoming fall fashion season. I, like many others, have a great love for leather so the fact that leather is still in play, is music to my eyes and ears. But in particular this season leather tops are whats truly in and colored leather is a definite a must have. I wouldn't advise to try out a full leather outfit, but leather here and there in an outfit is a definite great touch.

2. Classic Prints

Class prints such as plaid and houndstooth are an adorable look this fall. I love plaid in a classic print, not necessarily the hunter plaid shirts that some wear, but tailored plaid similar to the plaid in the suit pictured above. I've enjoyed plaid ever since I wore it in my high school uniform. Prints such as plaid and houndstooth are perfect to wear anywhere form the office to an night out. You can wear these prints in suits, jackets, pants, skirts, and many more ways and they give you a masculine touch that every androgynous female will love.

3. Headwear
As always in the fall, having the perfect headgear is a must. Hats were seen amongst most of the runway shows such as Kate Spade this fall. Choosing between the perfect hat or headband can add an essential pop to any outfit. You can go for any type of hat from the simple beanie to a floppy hats, fedoras, and baseball caps.

4. Emerald Green
Emerald green is the perfect color for this fall season. This color is great because it can easily be paired with many of the other colors of the fall and various jewel tones. I'm not necessarily saying that you should go and deck out your wardrobe in emerald but its a great accent for outfits in items such as a skirt, bag, or even your footwear. Also this color is great because it works and looks good on so many different skin tones.

5.Winter White
Its after Labor Day so I can't wear white anymore right? Wrong. White is a great color for the fall and it is known as "winter white" This shade of color is different than the typical white of the sumer but it still allows you to stray away from the typical dark colors that everyone associates with the fall. Now just because you can wear white, it doesn't mean pull out your shorts and summer dresses, lean more towards fall dresses, sweaters, and pants.

6. Oversize coat
Oversize coats are a great look. Oversized, yet sleek coats have such a great appeal. I myself love the androgynous look that things such as blazers, jackets, and coats can bring and this oversize coat look definitely has the androgyny appeal. Women are able to get away from tiny, too fitted jackets and transition into items that are oversize but can still give women a smooth and sexy appeal.

7.  Peplum
I know your saying, "What? Peplum is stillllll in?" but yes, it is a trend that won't die. Whether its on a dress, skirt, top, or jacket, peplum works for all sizes and body types. Its super flattering to define someones waist and cover any unwanted curves. If you haven't added any quality peplum pieces to your wardrobe yet, I suggest you jump on the peplum train now.


  1. Go Jazzy. I got peplum galore.

  2. Greetings from Paris!
    I especially enjoy the oversized coat portion.
    So Olivia Pope-esque!
    Only one more day until Scandal!
    Great Post! I love fall too!! September is such a great month.
    Au Revoir for now!


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