Monday, November 11, 2013

Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show 2013

As promised, here is a snippet of the Homecoming Fashion Show that I was a part of. The vision was created by Alexander Julian Gibson, a student from Houston, Texas. I was a part of the team that helped to execute this vision serving as the assistant coordinator. The show was entitled, Tempus: Eden to Exodus as the fashion show tells the story of time through the Bible transition from Genesis in the Garden of Eden all the way to the destruction found in Revelations. To display this transition, the setting of the show began with various greenery, trees, and floral dresses by designer Chasity Sereal to symbolize the Garden of Eden setting and transitioned through time. A LCD screen the size of your average concert screen added an extra visual affect flashing hd images that accompanied the time setting including the designers name along with the large columns aligning the back of the stage. The music set the atmosphere as well featuring selections mainly from "Yeezus" and "Magna Carta Holy Grail". One of my favorite designers of the night was Cherry Veric traveling all the way from the Philippines to grace us with his beautiful evening gowns and stunning body suit complete with an amazing accompanying coverup. The show was closed by one of our amazing models gliding down the runway in a beautiful white gown and 10 lb Victoria Secret-esq wings. I would have to say overall that one of my favorite parts of the show was being able to work with the beautiful ballet dancers of the Kirov Ballet Academy right here in DC. The dancers were so young and talented and the dance academy did such a wonderful job creating the vision that we wanted to pull the show together. I loved working with this show and being able to work one on one with the designers. It was such an amazing experience being a part of a show that was said to bring real fashion back to Howard fashion shows hopefully for years to come. I hope you all enjoy the photos, I'm hoping to find more detailed shots, but these are from hureaction,, and focus point media.

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Cherry Veric Designs 

MYM Collection 

Lillie Designs 

Segment Featuring the Beautiful dancers from the Kirov Ballet Academy 


Blackbird Jeans 

 Andre Redou

Arrogant Apparel and New Apparel 


Kachi Designs and 2 African Girls 

Nene L.A. Shiro

And the Grand Finale 

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  1. You did an awesome job putting the fashion show together! I really love this blog post since it does a great job covering the fashion show and gave me a little taste of everything that happened. I felt like I was in my seat in Crampton Auditorium again! All of these pictures are fabulous and the models are gorgeous! The video tops it right off giving me life and full effect! My favorite item was the finale of course with the wings, just graceful! As well as the first picture with the creamish white one piece from Cherry Veric Designs with the beautiful coverup. My favorite scene was the Kachi Designs and 2 African Girls! The African theme was captivating and the pieces were breathtaking. AWESOME! I also loved the ballet dancers, they were so graceful and almost caused me to shed a tear, my mouth dropped open in awe during the entire performance. All the pieces were beautiful, you and Alexander Julian Gibbson did a beautiful job teaching Howard University what fashion really is! You should totally consider being Fashion Show Coordinator next year to continue to set the pace for Howard University Fashion Shows.


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