Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 10 Style Trends for Spring 2014

There are so many cool trends this spring for fashion. Here are the top 10 trends to watch this spring in no particular order. Hope you enjoy! 
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Athletic Chic/Touch of Sport
The sporty chic look is in this spring! This look appears in all types of clothing and styles ranging from dresses, to blouses and bottoms. Feel free to add a touch of sport to your wardrobe this spring instead of the girlish styles were so use to constantly. 

90's style slip dresses
There is a slip dress takeover this spring! I've seen these dresses popping up everywhere and were featured in numerous spring 2014 runway collections. Drawing inspiration from the 90's, these dresses are back in and on full attack. These dresses take minimal chic to another level! With a smooth silhouette and barely-there straps, these dresses are an easy number to be added to a women's wardrobe coming in all prints, colors, and materials. 

Wide leg trousers 
Wide leg trousers have always been a love of mine. There a cool piece to add to any wardrobe, and no these aren't for only tall woman or those with long legs. These pants can be easily paired with many pieces to go from casual to dressy and can come in materials to be worn for a breezy day on the beach or ultra chic night wear. 

Shift Blouses
This cool and easy type of blouse is great for the spring months. It has the feel of a oversized tshirt with an sophisticated edge. The boxy oversized silhouette is both versatile and flattering with so many different types of outfits. Go crazy with these types of blouses in various prints, colors, and materials this spring. 

Tea Length Skirts
You may say, tea length? Whats that? Tea length is the length between midi and maxi when it comes to dresses and skirts. I know many of you are saying, I just got into the midi skirt trend, now the skirts are getting even longer? Yep, you've got it! These skirts and dresses are a perfect addition to your long skirt collection. The modest lady like hemline can be contrasted with a cool crop top on a warm spring day to give you a lady like edge. 

This one you could have guessed, pastels are always a beautiful go to trend for the spring. Pastels come in all types of clothing items and silhouettes. There are various hues and colors that can compliment everyone and all skins tones. Pastels are always a beautiful sign that spring time is among us! 

Fashion tends to seek inspiration from the world of art and that is in full affect this spring! Go for the bold prints, cool graphics, and wild color mixtures that are inspired by art worldwide. This art inspired trend is both daring and fun and allows one to play with patterns and colors in an especially cool way. Try something new this spring by channeling your inner artist with such pieces. 

Crop tops/Jackets 
Crop tops and jackets have been in for years now, but this season amp it up even more with boxy crop tops and jackets. Add a twist to that plain cropped jacket by seeking out one with fringes, patterns, and a cool shape. These jackets and shirts are a must have in the spring and can be easily paired with other trends like tea length skirts and wide length pants. 

Metallic shine was seen everywhere on the runways for spring 2014! Whether its high gloss or liquidity of the item, these metallics can add a luxe feel to any outfit. Glam up your spring wardrobe by adding in mixes of metallics in blouses, pants, skirts, and other clothing items alike! 

Bomber Jackets
These jackets are definitely a cool layer to add to your spring wardrobe. Cool bomber jackets come in fun prints, fabrics, and designs add can truly add a sporty edge to a seemingly plain outfit. These jackets are very versatile and can essentially add a unique touch to any outfit. 

  Also, here are the colors of the spring according the Pantone's Spring 2014 Color Trends.

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  1. I love them all but my absolute fave are pastels and the art-inspired trend!


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