Monday, September 22, 2014

Top 10 Style Trends Fall 2014

My fall trends post is finally here. I decided to highlight the top 10 trends that I've seen for the season, check them out!
60's fashion trend
photo via Elle
1. 60's feel
60's inspiration will be seen heavily as a trend for this fall season. So many designers have created 60's inspired pieces ranging from mini skirts, fluted dresses, knee high boots, and accessories that take us back decades. Not only are the designs 60s inspired but they contain patterns and prints from this decade as well.

Knit Fashion trend
photo via Elle
2. Knit wit.
Of course fall knits are a must have and a big trend that will be seen this season. But not just your average knit sweater, it will range from cozy knit pants and a variety of the sorts. Also sporty knits are huge this season.

cape Fashion trend

poncho Fashion trend
Photos via Vogue
3. Capes/Ponchos 
 Everyone thinks of the classic trench when they think of an easy fall jacket, but this season seek out the capes and ponchos. These items are great because not only are they stylish but they come in all types of prints and shades so you can be as wild or classic as you want. Capes allow you to keep your outfits simple and chic and ponchos can give you the coziness of wearing a blanket out of the house.

Fur fall fashion trend
Photo via Elle
4. Fur
Like knit, fur is an inevitable trend for the fall. Fur comes in various shapes and designs so dont be afraid to play with all the options available!

Fall fashion
Photo via Elle
5. Western
Yes, western is in. The cowboy goes city vibe is a real trend for this fall being accentuated in various ways but especially in the form of accessories such as in my obsession, hats!

fall fashion trends - gold
Photo via Vogue
6. Heavy on the Gold
Gold was a heavy trend on the runways for the fall/winter. Gold rush is everywhere whether its in the clothing or just in simple accessories.
Photo via Vogue
7. Matching Sets and Tailored Pieces
This fall suits and matching sets are major. From tailored suits with a boyfriend style feel to matching sets in all styles and patterns, these are a major trend for this fall.

Fall Fashion trend - sneakers
Photo via Elle
8. Sneakers
 Are your feet tired of constantly wearing heels? Well, this is time to get a break from heels as designers have decided that sneakers are the footwear of the season! Bright colors and silhouettes donned the runways and are sure to be big this fall.
menswear inspired oxfords
Photo via Stylitics

9. Menswear Inspired Oxfords.
Menswear inspired clothing has been big in the realm of fashion for the past few seasons with a major love of boyfriend style pieces. Now, this trend hits the area of footwear with a major punch. Menswear inspired oxfords are everywhere and are a definite trend for the fall and winter season.

Fall fashion grey
Photo via Flooks
10. Grey
This fall one color is reigning above the rest and that is grey! This color is being seen everywhere this season on all types of clothing items or even in all grey ensembles. 

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