Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to Blogging Day 2

As a back of my Guess Who's Back: Back to Blogging series, I'm working on presenting a new outfit for everyday of this week (5 consecutive days total). It was another cooler day in Michigan yesterday so I had to make due to try to put together an outfit that was both summer time cool, but would still keep me warm. Luckily, the sun chose to come out as we took these photos so I was able to add my sunglasses to the ensemble for an added affect. I loveee wearing clothing from my grandmothers closet and making it into something that is contemporary which is what I chose to do with these pants. It is crazy how fast my week at home is going by. It seems like its only Tuesday but it will be Thursday tomorrow, ahhh. Although I have enjoyed being home, I am looking forward to beginning my summer in DC next week. I hope the weather chooses to warm up for my last few days at home. 

Until Next Time

Outfit of the Day: 

Blazer: Pitaya
Shirt: American Apparel
Pants: Grandmas Closet
Shoes: F21
Sunglasses and Belt: H&M
Bracelet: Violet Boutique

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