Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guess Who's Back

I'm Back! Sorry for going on that break out of no where but the end of my school year was sooo busy that I didn't have enough time to dedicate to creating quality blog posts, but I'm back in action. Now that it is the summer, I am still busy but am finalllyyy able to create the time to blog. Right now, I'm at home for a week so that I can spend time with my family as well as get a little rest before I head back to DC on Sunday. This summer will definitely be interesting for me so I'll be sure to keep my blog up to date with outfit of the day posts as well as posts about summer fashions, inspirations, as well as my summer adventures. Unfortunately when I arrived home the weather wasn't so great so I had to come up with a not so summer time outfit choice so I tried to incorporate summer in the outfit with bright colors. Hope you enjoy! 

Until Next Time 

Outfit of the day: 

Blazer and Blouse: Thrift
Pants: American Apparel 
Shoes: Incognito
Glasses: H & M 

and featuring an appearance from my dog Sammy who kept trying to jump into every picture =) 


  1. Welcome back girl :) Looking stunning in that outfit :)

  2. Love how you added the yellow shoes to this outfit! Very springy :) x


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