Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Pop of Print

I absolutely love hats, especially during this time of year. My hat collection is slowly but surely growing and I hope to add a few more before this season ends. This hat is one of the few that I happened to stumble across last year at the end of the winter season so I decided to pull it out this year. I'm currently looking for a cool way to store my hats in my room so if anyone has any cool ideas feel free to let me know! As I've said before, I love the fall and winter because you can create fun layers with your outfits. I love to go to various thrift stores and look in the men's button down section to see if there are any cool shirt finds that I could use for layering purposes. I found this blouse at a local thrift store and it happened to be a Christian Dior white button down, quite a steal for only $2.50 and I absolutely love it for layering. I have to go back to D.C. this week to begin this new semester of school, but I've loved being able to be home for this period of time. Although I'll be going back, I'll still continue to blog as frequently as I have while I was on break. I've set a few New Years resolutions for myself as a blogger and plan to uphold them throughout the year! Remember to feel free to email me with any suggestions or comments you have about my blog! 
Until Next Time, 

Outfit of the Day:
Coat: Wendybox
Hat & Sweater: F21
White Blouse: Vintage
Pants: H&M
Booties and necklace: Nasty Gal 


  1. I heard DC is great this time of year!
    Hope you have a wonderful semester full of laughs and love!
    Cool pants btw!

  2. You look amazing!! Love your printed pants & your necklace <3

    She Rockin Them Stilettos

  3. Love these Pants!! they look fab!
    Also great find at the Thrift store with your Christian Dior Button Down.
    Love the thrift store!
    We gotta go soon!
    Have Safe Travels back to DC

  4. What a great look! Love the necklace!

  5. This outfit ir amazing! Love your trousers :)

    Come and visit my blog if you want!


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