Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stylespiration: The Russian Fashion Mafia

To go along with the recent love of Russian fashion icons that I spoke about in my last stylespiration post, I decided that I wanted to do a stylespiration post on the main ladies that make up what is called the "Russian Fashion Mafia". The group is composed of first my favorite, Miroslava Duma, as well as Elena Perminova, Natalia Alaverdian, Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya, and Natasha Goldenberg. If you regularly follow my blog, you already have read about my loves for Miroslava Duma as well as Natasha Goldenberg, but I would like to highlight the rest of these amazing fashion icons.
Hope you enjoy! 

Lets begin first with Ulyana Sergeenko. 
Ulyana is a Russian couture designer but is also known as a stylist, photographer, blogger, and sometimes model. She is also the wife of billionaire and mother of two adoring children. She began her career as a model and had an immense love for fashion from a young age after viewing the beauty that can be seen in various fashion magazines. After getting married and joining the fashion community, she often asked designers to make her custom ensembles for various purposes and these designs would often end up in their seasonal collections which was very upsetting to her. Thus, she said if I can't beat them, why not just create my own pieces under my own name and went on to begin her own career as a designer. Her extremely beautiful designs have a distinct air of sophistication blended with traditional Russian influences. 
Here are some pictures of her designs: 
Next is Vika Gazinskaya. 
Vika has had a great love for fashion from a young age and went to school to study fashion design. Her career began as a fashion editor for L'Officiel Russia magazine. In 2007 she came out with her own collection and received instant recognition. Her street style has become known to be constantly chic. Her business took off after she was able to show her collect in Paris and the rest is history. Her clothing is now being sold worldwide and on various websites. A unique part of her designs is that they never include fur due the fact that Vika has been a vegetarian since she was 16 years old. 
Here are examples of some of her designs: 
Next is Natalia Alaverdian. 
Natalia is currently the fashion director for Harper's Bazaar Russia. Also, she acts as a stylist for the magazine. She is also the creator of the A.W.A.K.E. fashion line which is based each season on a different animal. She has worked with many in the area of haute couture and she can always be seen rocking some cool outfits. She has been named the new Giovanna Battaglia.  
Here are examples of some of her designs: 
And lastly, there is Elena Perminova. 
Elena is the model wife of Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev. As a mother of 2, wife, and fashion icon, Elena is known across the country of Russia. Although she does not have a specific role in the field of fashion, she is known to be front row at various fashion shows worldwide wearing pieces that people worldwide would love to covet. 

And just for picture purposes, 
Miroslava Duma 
 Natasha Goldenberg 



  1. Love thier styles especially Miroslava and Natasha :)


  2. They are all so inspiring! The title of your post is very funny :)

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  3. Amazing!!!


  4. wow the looks are all so fantastic love it! Such a great inspiration!

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