Sunday, November 15, 2015

Little Black Jumpsuit

So I'm going to jump right into this. Yes, I know you all haven't heard from me in months. Yes, I know I need to do better. Yes, I am working on doing better. I PROMISE. This is my fresh start to begin blogging again. My amazing friend Jaenique took pictures for me in Central Park which is beautiful during this time of year! For anyone who has followed my blog in the past, you all know that I now live in NY and my life here is so different than what I'm use to. This difference is both good and bad.
The good: being in a city that never sleeps, the ability to access anything at anytime, i'm surrounded by the world of fashion, and this city is just a fun place to be 
The bad: NY is dirty, I miss my best friends, sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from the fast life
 So now you can kind of get a picture of what has been taking up all of my time, but I've definitely been missing my quality time that I spend on my blog so I'm back! I can never seem to figure out where the time goes. Like it legit feels like it was August just yesterday but now were already nearing the holiday season. Holidays mean beautiful lights, happy memories, and spending time with my friends and family who as I mentioned before, I miss dearly. Its crazy that here in NY it hasn't really hit a cold temperature yet which you can see from my outfit in this post. On this particular day I was able to get away with a simple leather blazer on top of a sleeveless jumpsuit which I love. Anyone who knows my style knows that I love loose fitting clothing and the whole androgynous/chic feel and I think this jumpsuit from ASOS is just that. I chose to pair it with my favorite piece in my wardrobe, this great leather blazer from Rebecca Minkoff. As always let me know if there's anything you all want to see, lookout for more posts to come soon!

Until Next Time,

Outfit of the Day: 
Jumpsuit: ASOS
Blazer: Rebecca Minkoff 
Boots: Sam Edelman via Lord and Taylor
Bag & Hat: H&M
Purse Pom Pom: Topshop 

when you clearly talk to much lol
when you get caught taking a selfie lol 

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