Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Floral Appeal

It’s 70 degrees in March! Is that normal? It seems like each year its just getting warmer and warmer during what should still be called the winter, but I’ll definitely take it! Surviving my first winter in NYC was surprisingly much better than I expected and now I’m happy that its finally March! I definitely went into hiding during these past colder months between having a full time job, taking a class, and still trying to be social, a girl's schedule can get pretty hectic so please forgive me. One of my goals of 2016  (which I just established just a week ago lol) is to post at the minimum two posts per month but I really would like to do more so look out for a comeback coming soon!

I was able to spend this past weekend in DC, which is always great because two of my best friends still live in the city. Although I really love NY it feels good to get out of the city even if it’s only for a weekend. My best friend has recently taken up photography so I had the privilege of being one of her muses this weekend while in town so I could get some new pics up for you guys. I kind of have an obsession with jumpsuits. They’re just so convenient and such an easy throw on and go look. I also recently purchased these booties from Zara and am kind of obsessed with them. I thought I was well overdue for a pair of nude booties to add to my spring wardrobe. What are some things that you all want to add to your spring wardrobes?  Please let me know if there are any posts that you would like to see soon!
Until Next Time,

Outfit of the Day:

Jumpsuit: H&M

Booties: Zara
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

meet my beautiful best friend and hypeman, Jessica. isn't she so pretty?

1 comment :

  1. Girl like it's so hot this year, I can't deal with it.
    Love the jumpsuit so "printastic".
    Your best friend is so pretty,love her shoes.


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