Thursday, January 24, 2013

'Birthday.. It's ya birthday'

Guess what today is? MY BIRTHDAY! I'm finally the big 2-0, 20 years old. Does it feel different to be 20 so far? not at all. As you can see from the background of the pictures, it snowed in D.C. Last night, we received our first larger snowfall. I was excited to see the snow, yet I became fearful because of the height of my "birthday shoes". The campus of the University has a few hills that you have to travel up and down to travel from class to class so I had the fear of slipping and falling, but I still went with my high shoes with the thought that "I'm 20 and fearless" haha. The weather here is still super cold so I chose to put my favorite jacket on top of my blazer and pair the outfit with the fur hat to ensure that I stayed warm. I was really excited to wear this blazer today. I designed this blazer and had it tailor made for me while in China last summer so I felt my birthday was the perfect occasion to pull this piece from the back of my closet. Overall, I've had a great bday and I feel like I still have a few surprises left in store. 

Outfit of the Day:
Hat: ASOS 
Coat: Wendybox
Blazer: Tailor Designed and Made
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Dolce Vita via Urban Outfitters 
Necklace: H&M


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