Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dedicated to the Inaugural Weekend

So as many of you may know and those outside of the United States may not know, this weekend in the United States dedicated to the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. This weekend is a big deal in Washington D.C. where I currently live and my friends and myself completely indulged in all of the activities. I just wanted to dedicate a post to this weekend because of how amazing it is. People from all across the country, even the world, come together to celebrate this momentous occasion. It was so much American Pride in the air as well as pride in the fact that we have a wonderful African American President for another 4 years. I feel so blessed to have been able to be here during such a time as well as be able to vote for President Obama to help put him in this position. Here are a few pics just to share some of the experiences of my weekend. It was pretty chilly out so don't mind my boring outfits and once again thank you to KaiLori for the wonderful camera and photos. 

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