Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring 2013 Fashion Forecaster: Ready to Wear Anywhere!

The fashion this springs calls for different patterns, materials, and an edge that many women want in their wardrobe. From outfits that are loose fitting and chic to sexy peekaboo cuts, this spring is going to be a season of great style. Also, talk about a throwback with many of these items. So many of the trends that will be popular this spring are similar to those that my parents could have worn as they were young. Fun sillohettes, great cuts, and to die for style will be seen this spring! 

1. Peek-a-boo Pieces

Looking to add a little sexy edge to your outfits? It’ll be easy to do this season with the many peek-a-boo pieces that are coming out. Daring and risky cut outs are a must. These cuts are able to add a slight edge to a midi dress or just give you a cute and sexy look for those regular spring days. Peek-a-boo pieces are great because they can be flattering on any body shape with the various options available. I can’t wait to see what type of pieces will be fit into Nasty Gal’s regular edgy cut pieces. 

2. Stripes!

From being thick to thin, or vertical or horizontal stripes will definitely be seen this spring. You can create fun outfits by mixing together complimenting as well as clashing stripes that range in color, size, and direct creating a great look for the spring! 

3. Shorts Suits
 I love this trend. Short suits are very versatile, chic, and can you an androgynous edge that many women seek to have in their wardrobe.  Shorts suits have been seen on many fashion runways for this spring so they won’t be hard to find! They are the perfect mix of masculine combined with feminine and can even be worn in the office setting if you find the right one! I think there a definite must have to any wardrobe. 

4. Pattern Fun

Patterned clothing will definitely be this spring. Whether is mixing together different patterns or just wearing statement pieces with bold patterns and prints, patterned outfits are sure to be a bold statement this fall. Tribal as well as ethnic patterns will also be a part of this trend.

5. Leather

Although leather is often thought of as clothing solely worn in the winter as well as the fall, it will be making a strong impact this spring. From leather dresses to great leather tees and skirts, you can wear leather for any occasion and either keep it minimal or make an outfit statement. Make sure to get in your leather wear before it gets too warm! 

6. Lace

A touch of lace can sometimes add an elegant look to an outfit. But its not solely white lace that is going to be seen this spring, we can expect to see colored lace as well.  Lace is a great addition to any wardrobe because of the range of versatility that comes with this item ranging from sweet to sexy and lightweight to thicker lace material. 

7. Black and White

Black and white will definitely be big this spring, but not just simple black and white, you can expect to see contrasted black and white prints mixed together to make amazing outfits. Its simplicity at its finest.

8. Bermuda Shorts 

I love the slouchy, cool look that comes with wearing bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts are perfect for any body shape and give those who never wanted to rock the tiny cutoff shorts the opportunity to wear a great pair of shorts. Also bermuda shorts can give off a great androgynous chic edge when paired with the right shoes and top.

9. Flats and Low Heels 

Who doesn’t love the low pointed toe heels. I love this trend because these shoes come in so many different styles, colors, and cuts. These shoes are a great option to be able to have in one’s wardrobe instead of the typical 4 or 5 inch heels. These shoes are perfect to throw on with a simple pair of loose fitting jeans to give the outfit a chic edge. 

10. Caps

This spring, baseball caps are going to be a must have accessory. These cute caps can range in material and style from great leather caps to a fun military material. I think these caps will be a great accessory because depending on the style of the particular hat; you can keep your outfit casual or add a chic extra edge to an outfit. 

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