Sunday, February 24, 2013

Style Spotlight:Miroslava Duma

On occasion I like to highlight people that I look to for fashion advice and inspiration on a daily basis. I couldn’t help myself so I finally decided to share with you one of my definite favorites, Miroslava Duma. Miroslava Duma is a beautiful fashionista and definitely one of my style icons. This Russian beauty is the former Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor and now works in the realm of web journalism as a freelance writer. She is the founder of, an amazing website dedicated to many things including fashion, architecture, music, and style. She is constantly looked upon for having impeccable style for any day and any occasion making countless appearances on blogs and street style articles.  She actually has held the spot of having my laptop or phone background on numerous occasions before I even knew who she was.

There are many things that I love about her style. She really just goes with the flow and is able to put together amazing outfits on a daily basis. In an interview when asked how does she get dressed in the morning, she explained, “Donna Karan once said that if it takes more than 20 minutes to get ready you have some problems with your appearance. I totally agree.” I love how some of her outfit choices promote full ensembles wearing both top and bottom that are of a matching set which many are not able to successfully pull off. She also has a way with mixing together different fabrics, patterns, and designs to create a stylish and sophisticated look. And like myself, she is always willing to throw on a pair of timberland boots and continue about her day. I could honestly go on and on about my love for her and her style but I’ll just let her clothing speak for itself. I end article by saying, if I had to name just one person whose style that I would like to mirror one day, it would be hers.

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  1. I love Mira Duma so much,she's just too adorable!

    Have a great day,xx


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