Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fall 2013 Milan Fashion Week Wrap Up

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 recently passed and I hadn't had the opportunity to post on this occasion so I wanted to create a post just to highlight some of the collections that enjoyed from the week. Also, I wanted to show how powerful street style can be and what a statement someone can make from outside of the actual show. Let me know what you all think! 

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Salvatore Ferragamo
I love many pieces of the Ferragamo collection. The collection was full of beautfifully structured pieces that were bold enough but classic enough as well to stand out in any ones wardrobe. I especially loved some of the coats and jackets that were highlighted in the show. The cool colors and strong cuts and structure make these jackets a great addition to the collection. This collection also had a great emphasis on the use of leather in many of the piece goods and many of the pieces were interchangeable and mixable. I especially loved this blue leather wrap skirt seen below. And if you have read my blog before, you most likely know my love for jackets with mixed materials or patterns, which is why I also loved the jacket pictured below.

Dolce and Gabbana 

This seasons Dolce and Gabbana collection is astounding and is full of a regal air. Although many of the runway collection are not ready to wear, they are amazing and full of delicate and intricate detail. Also for the items for the everyday women, they have a great classic touch to them that makes the items timeless for any wardrobe. This collection is also full of beauty and a feminine sophistication.  The collection displays a lady like sophistication that is seen through the beautiful cuts and tailoring of the pieces as well as the skirts, white blouses, and tweed and lace seen throughout.

Another fun fact about myself and my fashion sense is that I love  the theme of the plaid and Scotland which is why this first look immediately caught my eye, making me love the rest of the collection. One thing that I like about many of the pieces in this collection is that they are able to be worn by your everyday gal as she just goes out for a day on the town. An additional aspect of this collection that I really enjoyed was the androgyny affect that was in affect as numerous female models wore full suits with bow ties and I am a major bow tie fan. This collection was a major win in my book.

Emporio Armani 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love for all hats/headwear which is one of the reasons why I loved the Emporio Armani collection. Another reason why I love this collection is because the style of this collection encompasses past decades of fashion and utilizes them in a modern way that is still catchy and beautiful to the eye. I also love the prints used in some of the clothing items of this collection as patterns and prints were mixed together to make fabulous combinations. 

Roberto Cavalli 
The Roberto Cavalli Collection was amazing and full of fur and a mix of tribal and other patterns such as floral as well. These designs were full of a studded pattern that could be seen throughout many of the pieces of the collection that added a fun edge to each of the outfits especially the blue mini skirt. I love the glam that comes along with each of the pieces of his collection and the air of class that comes about when wearing these pieces. 

Street Style 
(Pictures from Vogue and Elle)
In addition to reading about the actual shows and viewing the amazing collections of fashion week, I also have a great love for street style.  Simply standing outside of a fashion show and watching the style of those entering the show as well as those just in the area is truly inspiring; it’s almost like watching your own fashion show, prior to even getting into the actual highlighted show. I decided just to highlight a few of the street fashions that I thought were unique or that I enjoyed from Milan Fashion Week and as you will see from some of the pictures, no matter what is going on with the weather, you can still count on fashionistas to have on amazing outfits. 


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