Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stylespiration: Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles is a singer, songwriter, actress, model, and a definite fashionista. Daughter of Tina Knowles, fashion designer, and Matthew Knowles, record executive, and of course everyone knows her older sister, Beyonce. As a child, Solange studied dance and theater and at the age of 15, she danced as a backup dancer for Destiny's Child while they were on tour. Her debut album, Solo Star premiered when she was 16 years old. She has been given various acting roles and worked as a songwriter, writing songs such as 'Get Me Bodied' and 'Upgrade U' for her sister Beyonce. In 2004, she got pregnant and became the mother of Daniel Smith. Although Solange denies any want for a career in the field of fashion, she is known for her cool style full of prints and colors. Solange says "I have always been drawn to interesting pieces and colors, but I didn't quite know how to limit myself and make those statement pieces work." After her move to New Orleans from Brooklyn, Knowles says that she was really able to organize her wardrobe and really dictate what she wanted her style to be because she finally had the closet space she needed. She has been approached by various people in the fashion industry to start her own fashion line because so many people idolize her way of dressing on a daily basis, but she's decided to avoid this route and focus on her music and her son. I absolutely lover her style and she has been my inspiration of the week on numerous occasions. Check out some of these pictures of her amazing style. Hope you enjoy! 


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