Monday, December 1, 2014

Colors of the Fall

The holidays are now over and I'm back in DC to wrap up this semester. It's crazy that today is December 1, can you all believe it? I don't know if it's just me but it seems like every time I blink, a week passes by.  Although the official holidays are over, today is one of my favorite unofficial holidays, Cyber Monday! What online shopping addict doesn't love a good Cyber Monday deal and I know I'll definitely be taking advantage of a few today.
About 2 years ago, I swore off shopping at Forever 21 because I had a lot of issues with the quality of their products, but they have been pleasantly surprising me this past year by offering some great products for an even better price. I was browsing through the Forever 21 store a couple weeks ago because I never know what I will find in there and I ran across these super cool high waist black boyfriend jeans for only $20 and had to have them. This turtleneck is also another good purchase I found during that trip. In addition to these items, I've found a lot of great pieces there in the past few months that have been great buys. So I must say, Forever 21 has drawn me back in to stop in occasionally for some quick steals, if you haven't recently you should check out how they've revamped their selection either in store or on their website. Hope all my shopping addicts found some great deals today! 
Until Next Time,

Outfit of the Day: 
Jacket: Sheinside
Turtleneck and Jeans: Forever 21
Booties: NastyGal 

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