Friday, December 19, 2014

Splash of Color

I'm back home in Michigan and can truly feel the winter weather here, all were missing is snow. I definitely have a love hate relationship with the cold. Sometimes I love it when it is a beautiful winter day and with a light snow falling from the sky and other days when its just plain cold and ugly out I wish I could just stay in my bed all day. One good thing about the cold is that it has allowed me to pull out some of my new cold weather accessories. Two recent purchases I've made are this amazing scarf from Zara and this cool faux fur hat from NastyGal. If you regularly follow my blog, you know that hats are definitely my thing so I love a good faux fur hat in the winter that can be thrown on with all outfits. Also I was in search of a blanket scarf and came across this one from Zara at the beginning of the season and my obsession finally made me purchase it. This scarf is great because its versatile and can be draped, worn as a cape/jacket, or just thrown around the neck like a normal scarf. I think all that I'm missing are some cool new gloves and I'll be set.  What are your favorite winter accessories? 
Until Next Time, 

 Outfit of the Day: 
Coat: WendyBox
Scarf and Booties: Zara
Pants: H&M
Hat: NastyGal

1 comment :

  1. awesome scarf! reminds me so much of the burberry cape! and love your hat!


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