Sunday, December 14, 2014

Olive Juice

Guess who is done with finals and is on her way home to rest for the next month? This girl! When I say rest, it won't be real rest because I have some projects in the works but it will definitely be a great break from school. It is so crazy to think that this is my last official "winter break" as a college student. I don't think I told you all already, but I received a job offer in NY so I will be moving there right after graduation in May, ahhhh! I'm beyond excited but also ready to truly enjoy my last semester before I'm a real adult.
 As for this winter, the weather in DC has been so moderate that I've been able to mix in my leather jackets and bombers into my wardrobe instead of sticking only to my winter coats. But like I said, I'm traveling back to MI today so I'll be back in a good ole cold winter weather soon. One of my favorite colors of the fall/winter season is olive and I had my eyes on this olive bomber from topshop for a while before I bought it a couple months ago. If your looking for a bomber, I definitely recommend this one and I loved putting together this monochromatic outfit in this seasons color. If you haven't already, make sure to check out my previous post about a cool opportunity that I'll be participating in this week with the app Snapsure! 
Until Next Time,

Outfit of the Day:
Bomber: Topshop
Tee and Cargo Pants: H&M
Booties: Nastygal

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