Friday, January 30, 2015

Navy Domination

Winter Oh winter. As you can see from some of my pictures, DC received a light coating of snow in the midst of storm Juno. All of us students were hoping and praying for a snow day that of course we didn't receive but it was nice to see the snowflakes falling for a few hours. This cold weather has the cold virus spreading like wildfire within my friend groups and across campus and of course I was hit by the cold bug so I'm currently trying to rest up and take all the vitamin C my body will accept. Despite having this cold currently, I was able to successfully enjoy my birthday and had a great time with my friends during my birthday weekend. I don't have enough quality pictures to create a blog post of the looks, but I'll put a couple on my Fashionfromthehart instagram page in case you all want to see what I wore. 
As for the outfit I'm wearing in this post, it's pretty much a Zara and H&m complete outfit. I lovee these pants that I bought from Zara. I was on the lookout for a pair of nice pinstriped pants and while out shopping stumbled across these. One thing that I liked about these is that although they have a great tailored look, they also have a drawstring waistband which adds versatility to them so they they can be dressed up or dressed down and are super comfortable. Also, I just have to mention this coat before I end. I purchased it 2 years ago from Wendybox and it was for a great steal being under $90. This coat has lasted successfully for these past two years and continues to look just as chic and keep the same warmth and comfort that it had when I first bought it. So if your still in the market to expand your coat collection, I would definitely check out their site. Hope you all are enjoying this winter! 
Until Next Time, 

Outfit of the Day:
Coat: Wendybox
Blazer and blouse: H&M 
Pants, boots, & hat: Zara


  1. I love your hat!

    I am following you on gfc, would you like to follow me back so we can stay in touch?

  2. gorgeous hat, the whole look is spot on :D xoxo


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