Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer's Top 10

Summer's Top 10

Yeah yeah, I know the warm weather is already here but I just want to make sure you all are in the know about what the top 10 trends are for the season! This summer in particular is full of trends that I personally love, some old and some new but all amazing. All types of fashionistas can relate to at least one of these trends no matter what your personal style is because these trends are very adaptable and can be interpreted in many different ways. Hope you all enjoy!

1. Summer Suede
Suede is a major obsession for this summer season. You can make this look work in so many different ways whether you want to look trendy and chic or go for a more chill boho vibe, this trend is perfect for you. Make it work for the summer in cool dresses, tops, skirts, and shorts!
2. Bucket Bags
Bucket bags have been in for a while now, but they are definitely here to stay. I love the look of bucket bags because they come in all sizes and you can have a more casual version with a drawstring tie or one with a more tailored look similar to the one pictured above. 

3. Shirt Dressing! 
Who doesn't love a good shirt dress in the summer? I love shirt dresses because they are versatile, easy to throw on and go, and perfect for those warm weather days. I personally love shirt dresses being worn with a more androgynous feel; throw one on with your sneakers or an easy brogue and your out the door.

4. Definitely denim
Denim, denim, oh did I forget to mention denim? Denim is big this season and not just in your typical jean. Think outside the box this season and switch out of your normal denim. Whether its a denim dress, jumpsuit, top, culottes, and the list goes on, it definitely works this season!
5. Jeweled sandals 
Add a bit of flair to your normal summer sandal this season and try a sandal with some jeweled detail. If your not into the flashy gaudy look, there are definitely some minimalistic options out there that still allow you to try this trend. And if you are one of those girls who loves a little bling on your feet, this trend is certainly for you! 

6. Mules
Mules have been trending for a while now, but switch up that classic black mule for a colorful one to channel the summer season! I know some people are scared of mules, but speaking personally as someone who was once one of those people, they are great! They also come in a variety of heel heights and styles which make it easier to find one you're sure to love.
7. Fringe
Fringe is being seen everywhere this season on all types of garments and accessories. Dresses, tops, shorts, bags, earrings, shoes, jackets, you name it, it's out there! Find your inner bohemian fashion girl or if your not into the laid back look, add a little spice of fringe to your look with cool accessories like fringe earrings, necklaces, or even a leather bag with fringe detailing. 

8. Culottes
Anyone who follows my blog regularly knows that I love love love culottes. Like, literally love them. I think there the perfect pant to wear when you want to just throw something on with a quick pair of heels but still look chic and put together. Also they come in so many different cool patterns, lengths, and overall styles. I think there the perfect versatile and very comfortable pair of pants to have in your wardrobe.

9. Slide on Sandals
So think of the typical shoe that you would wear to the pool, now make it just a little more chic. Slide in sandals are really big this season and are the comfortable go to shoe to have in any wardrobe. They come in so many different styles as well and are a really cute addition to your summer looks!
10. Jumpsuits
The staple jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are making a comeback this season in a major way. Loose and comfortable or tailored and chic for a night out, jumpsuits are an easy solution to picking out an outfit. I personally am a jumpsuit girl and will throw on a cute jumpsuit any day over picking out an outfit. This is one trend I would definitely recommend.

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